JobVan As

Job van As is a film director for commercials based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  His work is characterized by a strong visual style and an eye for emotion. He is always looking for genuine, authentic moments. This has led to him working with a wide range of clients, like Ikea, Warsteiner, Kornuit, Dr. Oetker, and many more. Working in a studio, working on location, with actors, kids, or animals: it doesn’t matter. Job is able to capture mouth-watering table-top food shots in extreme close but he also knows how to portray a blue ocean through helicopter shots. He has a great eye for visuals and knows how to capture emotion on camera.  Job believes that a well-told story lands right in your soul, that's where the magic happens and why people will remember your story. And that's why we like Job. If you're looking for a commercial director who can bring your ideas to life, call for Job. If you are interested in seeing more of Job's work, have a look at his complete portfolio at: