Joris Noordenbos

At U-matik, we really like to collab with Joris. His mastery in the culinary arts and talent in directing children make him an ideal partner. Joris seamlessly blends food with characters, infusing authenticity and joy into every scene. His ability to bring out the best in young actors ensures captivating performances that resonate with audiences of all ages. With Joris, each project becomes a delightful journey, filled with energy and passion that leaves a lasting impression. Within the realm of directing food scenes, Joris is renowned for his talent in intertwining the essence of food with the characters portrayed on screen. His work not only showcases the culinary masterpieces but also captures the sheer pleasure of savoring them. With a keen eye for detail and a modern visual style, Joris infuses his projects with an authentic energy that resonates with audiences. In addition to his prowess in food direction, Joris possesses a unique knack for guiding child actors to deliver captivating performances. His specialized techniques ensure that young talents shine on screen, creating memorable moments that resonate with viewers of all ages. Explore his insights further through his engaging blog, where he shares his experiences and expertise in working with children in film. In Joris' films, the youthful energy of his young actors is palpable, brought to life through dynamic camerawork and skillful storytelling. His approach to tone mirrors his own joyful outlook on life, infusing his work with a sense of lightheartedness that captivates audiences worldwide.