KFC Lay’s Flamin Hot

Presenting the first of two mouth-watering food campaigns for KFC Arabia, on behalf of and in collaboration with the amazing team at Chuck Studio’s. Directed by Niels la Croix, this electrifying campaign captures the essence of heat right here in Amsterdam. An underwater borescope lens, pyrotechnics, and the Bolt motion control were used to elevate Niels’s vision. In a true international effort, we shot this stunning production over the course of just two long shooting days.

To achieve the highest level of quality, we flew in special lenses and food stylists from all corners of the globe. Their expertise and creativity added an extra touch of perfection to every frame. Through an extensive casting process, we discovered exceptional talents whose captivating faces not only embodied the very essence of the campaign but also beautifully showcased the desired Middle Eastern aesthetic, right here in the Netherlands


Yum Brands
Production Company:
Chuck Studios
Gideon Rijnders & Ellen Timmer