Tipico Friends

We are immensely proud to present our distinguished series of TVCs for Tipico, marked by the extraordinary collaboration with world-renowned goalkeepers, Oliver Kahn and Peter Schmeichel. These iconic athletes, celebrated for their legendary careers, bring an unparalleled charisma and energy to every frame.

Each film, including the one featured here, encapsulates the heightened thrill of the game, and what location more fitting to capture this spirit than the iconic Bayern Munich Stadium? Its grandeur and historical resonance serve as the perfect backdrop, embodying the pinnacle of football’s illustrious journey.

The creative genius behind this project, Mike Morley, not only conceptualized but also co-directed these films alongside Milko Snijders. Their combined expertise and innovative vision have breathed life into a campaign, capturing the essence of exhilarating football moments and the intense passion that defines Tipico.

Mike Morley & Milko Snijders