FNV Young & United #Zie ons

Our collaboration with Social Inc and FNV Young and United was an exhilarating journey. In a whirlwind of 3 action-packed days involving multiple teams, we produced a powerful 60-second manifesto film, abundant social media content, and captivating photography. Employing an innovative approach, we generated over 45 unique assets from a unified production. These assets include striking visuals, a compelling manifesto film, insightful interviews, and a plethora of engaging social content.

This campaign is a celebration of young talent, striving to carve a path towards a brighter future. It passionately advocates for equality and security, urging both employers and society at large to acknowledge and bolster the potential of the younger generation.

FNV Young & United
Social Inc
Joost Biesheuvel
Production company:
Executive producer:
Gideon Rijnders