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We are

Welcome to U-Matik, your ultimate destination for exceptional video, TVC, and photography content. What sets us apart? The perfect harmony of budget-consciousness and high-end creativity, ensuring your brand stands out.

With over two decades of industry experience, we’re proud to introduce U-Matik as a fresh name in the business. From ideation and art direction to expert photography, video direction, and meticulous post-production, U-Matik offers a comprehensive range of services. We’re dedicated to customization, providing both end-to-end production and tailored options to suit your precise requirements.

Collaboration is the essence of our success – your vision, combined with our creative expertise, results in visuals that not only capture attention but resonate profoundly.

We warmly invite you to experience a world of personalized and creatively-inspired production at U-Matik, where your brand’s story comes to life.



For general inquiries please contact:

Gideon Rijnders
Executive Producer
Tel: +31 (0)6 51 403 444

Vijzelstraat 68-78
1017 HL Amsterdam

All films we make are beautiful examples of true team effort. For every production, we team up with the best craftsmen and women. And as you can see, they all add great value.

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