KFC Tasting is Believing

Presenting the latest commercial for KFC Netherlands, a collaboration with Cliff production company and Truus agency. Directed by Niels la Croix and Jonathan Smit, this film blends cutting-edge food shots with authentic Dutch humor.

Filmed in Bos en Lommer over three action-packed days, we utilized multiple sets simultaneously to ensure every angle was covered. Justin Bodekamp served as our Director of Photography, guaranteeing each shot was impeccable.

From the tantalizing sizzle of our chicken to the perfectly timed jokes, we aimed to capture the essence of KFC’s delectable offerings and Dutch culture. Brace yourself for a mouthwatering journey that’ll leave you craving more, sprinkled with laughter and a dash of Dutch charm.

Collins Foods
Excecutive Producer:
Gideon Rijnders