KFC Variety

We’re excited to share our second KFC Arabia campaign, created together with the awesome folks at Chuck Studios. Niels la Croix directed all the eye-catching tabletop shots, while Mahmoud Shokry brought the live-action scenes in Cairo to life.

We went above and beyond to make sure every shot was top-notch. Special lenses and international food stylists were brought in, adding that extra magic touch to every scene.

Finding the right faces for this project was crucial. We searched high and low in both Saudi Arabia and Cairo. Our goal was to find actors who not only fit the bill but also stayed within our budget. The result? A talented cast that perfectly represents the rich Middle Eastern vibe we wanted to capture, without breaking the bank.

So, here it is – a campaign where the delicious world of KFC Arabia comes alive, blending top-tier visuals with authentic, carefully selected talents. Enjoy!

Yum Brands
Production Compnay:
Chuck Studios
Niels la Croix & Mahmoud Shorky
Gideon Rijnders & Ellen Timmer