Lente met Delicieux

With Delicieux, everyone can enjoy luxurious Easter days, regardless of the size of their wallet.

Joe Public produced the annual ‘Spring with Delicieux’ campaign. In addition to the now familiar face of Lidl Thomas Acda, Barry Stevens now also plays a leading role in the films. Barry plays the Denglish (Dutch English) speaking John and he is new to the apartment building.

We shot this campaign on an ice-cold day in Amsterdam. The weather was uncertain. What are you doing then? Then you make sure that, in addition to the Amsterdam option, you have also set up the entire production where the weather conditions are better. Fortunately, that turned out not to be necessary.

Joe Public
Wim van der Aar
Fiona Jacobs
Agency Producer:
Gideon Rijnders
Production company:
Joe Public