Wouter Stoter is a Dutch director with a background in art, design, and music - all of which inform his eye-catching films, music videos, and commercials. Wouter's passion for visual storytelling and striking visuals has led him to create some truly impressive work. His work evolved over the years into visual strong films with lots of humanity and more than a nod to his conceptual background. He loves technique and emotion.. He loves to make strong visual films with lots of humanity and emotion. After graduating from the notorious Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, he started working as a director at CZAR and continued at BONKERS United. In the past years he has been working with big and small clients like Brain Foundation, the Dutch government, Ikea, ING, De Staat, Peugeot many more ever since. Wouter is known for his love of details, sense of humor, and ability to translate complex issues into visually exciting concepts. If you're looking for an energetic director who knows how to get the best out of people. Wouter is your guy.