DiscoVR the world

Talking about a worldwide production! With 2 teams we have produced this breathtaking virtual film for Samsung’s launch of its own VR and 360-degree video platform DISCOVR.

The VR movie takes you from a noodle basket in South Korea to a flight above an Icelandic glacier. The short scenes are spectacular and seamlessly connected.

Rogier Schalken: We were able to work towards a film that’s truly out of the ordinary, especially when it comes to VR. We used angles exclusive to VR to create perspectives that are physically impossible for anyone to experience themselves.

Have a look at this video to enjoy the full experience. https://youtu.be/bswReX6Qb9k

Cheil Hamburg
Rogier Schalken
Bernd Out, Gideon Rijnders, Marije de Graaf
Production Compnay:
Made for Digital